Ch-ch-ch Changes: Rebecca’s Outlook

January 4, 2010 at 10:15 am | Posted in Uncategorized | 4 Comments
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Isn’t it funny how everything changes, yet everything stays the same?

Rebecca's High School Graduation, 2006

My high school graduation in May 2006. I still have the same baby face.

On this day four years ago, I was a senior at a small-town high school, anxiously waiting to discover where my high school diploma would lead me.  I applied to three universities and was reviewing my financial aid packages before making a final decision.  I spent hours trying to explain to family and friends that pursuing a degree in public relations did not mean I wanted to become a politician or public speaker.  My best friends and I bonded over late-night sob sessions with Cheese-Its and raw cookie dough, dreaming about the highs and lows of college life and the bright futures ahead of us.

Four years later, I am a senior at a large public university, anxiously waiting to find out where my  public relations degree will lead me.  I spend hours trying to explain to family and friends that my new internship at a public relations agency has no affiliation and/or relation to federal agencies, such as the FBI or CIA. My roommates Shantae and Mary Jo (who happen to be amazingly talented public relations students, in case you are wondering) and I spend hours venting our fears, frustrations and dreams about becoming “real” adults with “big girl jobs” over cookies and coffee.

Image courtesy of TehranTimes.comSo alas: Here we are!  Shantae and I decided our thoughts about beginning a career in public relations amidst a recession created the perfect opportunity to put our blogging skills to work.

We are looking forward to connecting with soon-to-be communications graduates, entry-level pros and seasoned PR practitioners through our posts.  We hope to spark discussion about tough topics, including accepting internship offers vs. patiently waiting for entry-level positions, waiting for the dream job vs. seizing any opportunity that comes with a paycheck and moving back in with the rents vs. living in a cardboard box.

Anyone who knows Shantae and me on a personal level knows we’re an intriguing duo.  Although we have different personalities, strengths, weaknesses and writing styles, we’re ready to take on this blogging adventure: and the job market!

So here we go. Cheers to a brand-new adventure!



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  1. LOVE the blog! Congrats on getting it up and running – now the hard part’s over and you can just write :O)

  2. Thanks, Amanda! Shantae and I hope to keep this one running throughout the semester. It’s our New Year’s resolution!


  3. So excited to read this 🙂 I think we’re all in the “What do we do now?” stage, haha.

  4. I agree, Jenn! It’s a scary stage to be in. We hope to kick some of these fears to the curb with our blog.


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