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I want to start by thanks to everyone who commented on our post about when to begin the job search.  Since there’s no time like the present, I kicked it into gear this week and started applying for entry-level positions around the country.

The process of searching for a job got me thinking about how we present ourselves as competent candidates.  Essentially we’re salespeople and the product we’re pushing is ourselves.  There’s something fun about developing cover letters that highlight what you bring to the table.  I like to think of it as an introduction – an attention-grabbing pitch about how awesome you are and why you’re the ideal fit for an organization’s incomplete puzzle.

But where I’m a little stuck is the resume part.  Everyone has differing opinions about how long a resume should be.  Don’t believe me?  Check out Rich Dematteo’s post.  The resume is the meat and potatoes, but you must admit it lacks a little spice.

There’s nothing super-sassy about resumes. What if you’re the involved volunteer, president of three organizations, with five internships under your belt kind of student?  How are you supposed to shine in one page?

You’re not one-dimensional. Why should your resume be?

On Jan. 17, my partner in crime tweeted asked her tweeps for the best Web sites to create interactive resumes.

Here’s what she came up with:

  • VisualCV:  It is one of the best platforms for creating multi-media portfolios.  This site allows you to upload documents, photos, audio, video and link to your social media accounts.  The site also includes job postings.
  • Vision-Resume:  This site allows you to upload documents, audio, images and different versions of your portfolio customized to a specific employer. Vision-Resume also features an e-interview section where you can write answers to 20 open-ended interview questions, giving potential employers a glimpse into who you are.
  • Zooloo:  This site has more of a fun feel to it.  It allows you to showcase your work and connect with potential employers.  Check out Mary Jo’s site.

If an employer is planning to Google me anyway, shouldn’t I make it easier for them to find my work?  Rebecca and I are on board.  What’s not to love?

Perhaps there’s a downside I’m missing here.   Is there such a thing as over-branding yourself?  Dan Schawbel, a well-known personal branding expert, has invested a lot of time into finding the best way to build a personal brand image.  It isn’t black and white.  You need both a traditional and non-traditional approach to get noticed in this economy.

HR and PR pros, is an online resume the best route to go, or is it too over the top? With so many options, which one grabs your attention most? Let’s discuss it.


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  1. When I was searching for internships for Summer 2009, I always brought an electronic portfolio in CD form to the interview just in case they wanted to explore my portfolio even further after we talked and to leave them something to remember me by. However, I really like the Zoo-loo format. I didn’t know MJ was a valedictorian?!?!?!

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