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Posted by: Rebecca

Let’s face it: Staying on the social media bandwagon can be downright overwhelming.

Between keeping track of Twitter trends, posting relevant tweets, participating in Twitter chats, maintaining Facebook relationships, bookmarking helpful links, blogging and commenting on blog posts, social media can consume a hefty chunk of your day.

I love learning and contributing, and I wish I had heaps of spare time to devote to social media.  However, this future PR pro loves her sleep far too much to comment on blogs at 4 a.m., so I had to choose to devote time to social media tools that will aid my job search.

As an avid Twitter and Facebook user, I was initially hesitant to add another social media network to my full plate.  However, I finally broke down and created a LinkedIn profile for several reasons:

  1. Several public relations and marketing professionals (Chuck Hemann was a persuasive proponent) in my network preached about its ability to connect young college grads to professionals.
  2. Google indexes my LinkedIn profile in the top four search results for “Rebecca Odell.”   That’s SEO at its finest!  A LinkedIn profile is a prime opportunity for human resource managers to stumble across my job experiences during a simple Google search.
  3. I saw LinkedIn as an opportunity to share an expanded resume with potential employers.  I’m trying to keep my traditional paper resume on one page, so a LinkedIn profile can contain the nitty, gritty details I can’t fit on my tangible resume.


According to Gaj-It’s LinkedIn post, my LinkedIn profile is in good shape thanks to public privacy settings, work-related status updates and group memberships.  However, I still have several questions about my profile:

  1. Are recommendations a “make or break” point for potential employers?  What do you do if your past work/internship supervisors do not have LinkedIn profiles?
  2. Should my LinkedIn profile serve as an extension of my resume, or should LinkedIn summarize my resume?

Soon-to-be graduates, entry-level pros and managers: What are your opinions/experiences with LinkedIn?  How important is LinkedIn to find jobs/recruit potential employees?  Are recommendations really that important?

Rebecca's LinkedIn Profile



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  1. I may be stealing my dad’s thunder with this comment, but he’s slow on the SM switch today so I’ll indulge myself.

    My opinion: recommendations don’t carry much weight. Essentially you’re asking your digital friendZ to write nice things about you online. To me that equates to comments on your Facebook wall or @replies on Twitter. Totally different than reference you may list on your resume — people who are willing to vouch for you and your work by making a phone call or writing a letter for you.

    I know people will disagree, but it’s just my opinion. LinkedIn created a way to get their users to interact with each other and solicit repeat visitors to their site. I get it. But does that mean you’re going to get (or not get) a job interview based on LinkedIn recommendations? I don’t think so.

    Nice post, Rebecca. Keep up the good work.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by to share your opinions and experiences. We appreciate it!

    I agree with you. In my opinion, the most honest recommendations come from personal phone and/or e-mail conversations between the potential employer and the reference. If I was asked to give a recommendation, I would absolutely “fluff” it up if I knew it would be posted for the world to see. Although recommendations are nice, I’m not sure if they’re necessary.

    Thanks again!

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