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Posted by: Rebecca

After living with me for six months, my roommates Shantae and Mary Jo can attest to the fact that I hardly ever watch TV.  However, while flipping through channels over winter break, I came across MTV’s The Buried Life, a series about a few guys on a mission to cross items off their bucket lists.

My epic television discovery sparked a conversation with Shantae, and we started to wonder: What do we want to achieve after we graduate from college?

Here are a few serious and not-so-serious things I’d like to purchase/accomplish when I have a steady income and post-graduation free time:

  • Buy a Pottery Barn or Crate & Barrel couch.

“Normal” grads dream of buying a fancy new car or an expensive electronic when they get their first big check.  My dream purchase?  A Pottery Barn couch! I could spend hours (and I have) browsing through furniture catalogs and perusing through interior design stores.  I’ve had my eyes on an overpriced, plush couch for quite some time now, and I’m ready to make the big purchase.

  • Add a furry friend to my family.

DogMy parents have never been animal lovers; therefore, my brother and I led a childhood sans pets (tragic, I know.)  I begged for a kitten from the time I knew what a kitten was, and my parents finally caved in on my 13th birthday.  After my beloved cat died in a car-related accident, I decided I didn’t want another pet until I graduated from college.  I’m looking forward to purchasing a furry friend to keep me company.

  • Teach the kiddos.

I taught Sunday school during my freshman and sophomore years of college, but I resigned to become more involved with PRSSA and focus on my studies.  Teaching 3rd-5th grade students was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and I’d love to become involved in children’s church again.

  • Find a new hobby… or rediscover an old one.

I was a competitive dancer for 14 years, and I coached cheerleading and taught hip-hop and acrobatics classes during my high school and early college years.  Shantae and I took a hip-hop class several weeks ago, and it reminded me how much I miss dancing.  I’d love to rediscover this hobby or find a new one to enjoy.  Who knows… maybe I’ll be kickboxing or cake decorating around this time next year!

  • Mentor public relations students.

From resume advice to assistance in establishing new contacts, I am consistently amazed by the relationships I’ve developed with public relations professionals.  I am thankful for my college mentors, and I hope to serve as a resource to students, too.  I want to work for an organization that embraces professional organizations (such as AMA, PRSSA and IABC) and encourages me to share my knowledge.

Now it’s your turn!  Soon-to-be-grads: What are your post-grad goals?



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  1. Great Post! I too started thinking about my “bucket list” after watching The Buried Life (which I think is an awesome show!)Finding a furry friend is on my list as well. I grew up without pets and unfortunately with little sisters instead :/ My #1 goal is to move to NYC working in PR. Plus I’m looking forward to buying my 1st piece of furniture too now that I think of it LOL. In the end I just hope I am content with the decisions I make. No second guessing… Just doing!


    • Hi Yanique,

      I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about my bucket list!

      Best of luck to you on all your upcoming decisions!


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