Exploring the post-grad bucket list…Part II

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Posted by:  Shantae

Now that there is less than three months until graduation, I’ve started to think about my future plans.  Not just where I’ll find a job or move to in the coming months, but what I’ll do once I no longer have the comforts of college life.

Rebecca’s inspiration comes from The Buried Life, but since I don’t watch much MTV, my motivation to think about my post-grad bucket list comes from the movie, The Bucket List.  I’m not planning on kicking the bucket (pun intended) tomorrow, or anytime soon, but I do think about my life and what I want to do to get the most out of it.

Here’s my list of goals to accomplish or items to purchase after I go pro:

  • Adopt a furry companion: The summer before sophomore year of college, I decided it would be a “fun” idea to get a pet rabbit.  He was only five weeks old, and I brought him home from the breeder in a coffee maker box.  Now nearly three years later, Mr. Bugs is still with me.  He’s been a constant companion through tests, break-ups and when I wanted to cry during Campaigns class last semester.  Within the next two years, I hope to adopt a female companion from an animal shelter to live happily ever after with him.

  • Take a professional roomie-reunion trip: There are few things in life more important than friendship.  I’m lucky to have two amazing roommates/awesome friends who understand my fears about graduating from student to adult, because they share that same boat with me. We first decided to live together after attending the PRSSA 2008 National Conference in Detroit.  We grew even closer at the most recent conference in San Diego.  We vowed to join PRSA and attend conference each year to network with our peers and catch up with one another.
  • Join a young professionals organization: If my education at Kent State has taught me nothing else, I’ve learned the importance of networking.  You’re only as good as your network.  I want to continue expanding my professional network after graduation by joining a young professional organization and regularly attending events.

  • Buy myself one expensive item each year: Although I’m working hard to be financially responsible, it’s fun to splurge a little sometimes.  I plan to reward myself at least once each year with an expensive Coach purse or pricey pair of Manolo Blahnik shoes.  Treating myself to a sassy item will be well worth the hard work I intend to keep up.
  • Learn to drive a stick shift: Although this has little to do with graduating, it’s something I want to learn how to do.  The day I received my license was a gratifying day because it represented my privilege to share the road with my fellow drivers.  Learning to drive a vehicle with manual transmission would be an equally rewarding accomplishment.

“I envy people who have faith, I just can’t get my head around it.”

-Edward Cole, The Bucket List

I work each day to have faith that the puzzle pieces of my life fall into place.  My bucket list is much longer than five items, but these are just a few things I’d like to check off.  Do you have a bucket list?  If so, what’s on it and what are you waiting for?


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