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It’s official, I’m graduating one month from today.  As final presentations and exams approach, the pressure to land a job increases immensely.  Initially, I remained very open-minded and flexible to the possibility of moving just about anywhere along the east coast.  However, applying any and everywhere has proved a daunting task.  I’ve learned that having a focus is crucial to finding success in the PR industry, so I caved and pinpointed a location to begin my career – Atlanta, Ga.

Why Atlanta? Why not!  Although ATL did not make my original post about where I’m headed after graduation, the last couple months have bumped it up to number one.  I’m young, unmarried and without children, so now seems like the ideal time to take a risk and move 12 hours away from everything and everyone I know to explore the unfamiliar.

Reasons I’m South bound:

Location, location, location!

Atlanta is home to various corporate headquarters such as Delta Airlines, The Coca-Cola Company, CNN and UPS.  These large employers and international powerhouses are located in Atlanta for a reason.  The city is also home to more than 64,000 black-owned businesses.

Money talks! ranked Atlanta third among the best cities for young professionals.  The average salary is generally high in comparison to the surprisingly low-cost of living.  It’s comforting to know I can find an affordable apartment or townhome and still have money to eat.  What more could a girl ask for?

Old man winter doesn’t live here.

So maybe weather isn’t the best reason to move to Georgia, but it’s certainly an important factor.  This past winter was one of the worst I’ve ever seen in Northeast Ohio.  Since snowy conditions are less common in the south, investing in snow plows and salt is less important.  I’m looking forward to delays and snow days for three inches of snow!

Rich culture = never boring.

Atlanta is home to four professional sports teams, hundreds of restaurants, entertainment venues and museums and historical landmarks.  I cannot wait to experience everything on the 50 Fun Things to do in Atlanta!

Since hatching my plan to move to Atlanta, I have been in contact with PRSA Georgia’s Young Professionals special interest group and the Atlanta Urban League Young Professionals (AULYP).  I have created Google Alerts to find entry-level PR jobs in Atlanta and subscribed to various job boards and mailing lists.  As my research continues, my plans become more focused and solid.

I’m moving to Atlanta, so if you’re looking for a well-rounded, driven sassy young PR pro, I’m your girl!



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  1. How exciting! Congrats on making such a big decision! I’m certainly not ready to graduate yet, but when the time comes it’s going to be thrilling to live somewhere new. I think Atlanta is going to be great for you. And you’re going to have to attend an Atlanta Thrashers hockey game. Hockey in Georgia? That’s a must-see. haha. Now I want to start thinking about my possible future cities. How did real life sneak up on us like this??

    • Hey, Carrie!

      I’m excited about a fresh start, and Atlanta seems like a good fit for me. I’ll make sure to attend a hockey game and tell you all about it! It’s funny how one day you’re scheduling your first college classes and trying not to get lost on campus, and the the next you’re graduating and beginning a new chapter as an “adult.”

      “Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” -Tom Hanks

      But I certainly hope it’s sweet!

  2. Sounds like a solid action plan. Once you are settled, I’m sure you will find an exciting job quickly. You sure are qualified! I know first-hand.

    • It’s exciting and terrifying rolled into one, but I think I’m ready. Thanks for the encouragement!

  3. Smart way to analyze you options. Good luck in ATL! Fun city with lots of opportunities!

    • You can never know enough about a new city, so my research continues. Thank you for the encouragement!


  4. Welcome to Atlanta! Home to TWS Marketing Communications & TWS Media. Check out our blog at and Internships are often the best way to get a foot in, especially in Atlanta when the PR profession becomes quite convoluted.

    You will enjoy Atlanta and feel free to stop by to say “hi”!

    • Thanks for the tip. I’ll have to stop in when I’m there.


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