Close door, open door, repeat.

April 18, 2010 at 3:10 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 2 Comments

Posted by: Rebecca

Being less than four weeks away from graduation is exciting and terrifying.  

The exciting part?  My homework-filled weekends are coming to an end.  The terrifying part?  It’s time to leave my comfort zone and venture into the “real world.”  But new, exciting doors open as old doors close, right?

In honor of old doors closing and new opportunities appearing, I thought I’d share some updates with you:

Closed-Door Update: If you’re wondering where Shantae and I have been the past few weeks, you must know that our lack of posts can be blamed on our involvement with the April 16 YouToo Social Media Conference, a collaboration between Kent State PRSSA and the Akron Area PRSA Chapter

Students watch Kyle Lacy's presentation at the 2010 YouToo Social Media Conference.

The conference was an amazing success; in fact, seats were sold out days before the event!  Shantae did an amazing job as a conference coordinator, and I played my part by promoting the conference and helping with last-minute details on the big day.  You can catch up on the conversation and view presentations by visiting the event on Twitter or Facebook.

Although promoting the conference was a wonderful experience, the relationships that sparked at the event are invaluable.  Nothing’s better than meeting social media contacts and connecting with them IRL.

In addition to meeting out-of-state social media superstars like Phil Gomes and Kyle Lacy, I enjoyed connecting with Columbus’ Heather Whaling and Gina Bericchia.  And this brings me to my next update…

Open-door Update: On May 21, I will be packing my bags and heading to my sweet vintage apartment in…


That’s right: I am heading to Columbus to pursue an amazing post-grad internship opportunity, which begins in late May.  Words cannot describe how excited I am to begin this new adventure! 

Although I will still be searching for a permanent job position in Columbus, I feel blessed for this opportunity to learn while exploring a field I love: health care public relations.

Now that I’ve given you an update, I’d love to know what you’re up to this summer.  Do you have any post-grad internships or jobs lined up?



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  1. I’m so excited for you, Rebecca! I think you’re just perfect for Columbus, and the city is going to love you! 🙂 This post made me even more excited for my own big city experience in Boston this summer. I just researched Boston blogs, and it’s basically all I can think about right now. Also, I took Kyle Lacy’s advice, and I’ve already linked up with a KSU PR grad living in Boston. Our futures are so bright, and I hope I get to hear stories about your life post-graduation. Will you and Shantae be keeping up this blog??

    • I love your enthusiasm, Carrie! You’re going to have an amazing summer in BAH-ston. You better start practicing your accent. 🙂

      Shantae and I are considering keeping up the blog, but we might branch out and create our own post-grad blogs, too. It’s up in the air for now, but we both want to keep blogging!


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