Columbus #HAPPO employers: Hire this classy pro!

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Posted by Shantae

Graduating from college is a scary thought, but this blog has served as a creative outlet for Rebecca and me to vent about the frustrations of searching for employment, share our thoughts and concerns about relocating and engage in two-way conversations with fellow students and professionals.

When Rebecca and I discovered #HAPPO, we knew it presented the ideal opportunity to showcase our individual experience.  Anyone can give a list of his or her professional attributes, but we decided the best way to highlight why we’re the perfect candidates for the job, was to shine the spotlight on each other.

Here’s a few reasons why I think potential employers in Columbus, Ohio, would benefit from getting to know Rebecca Odell:

  • Rebecca is full of ambition.

Rebecca knows what she wants and goes after it.  During her time at Kent State, she interned with Flash Communications, completed a year-long internship at Akron Children’s Hospital and is currently gaining experience as a social media/public relations intern at Akhia Public Relations & Marketing Communications.

She has successfully researched and planned two public relations campaigns for real-world clients and given an exceptional client presentation.  Her ever-expanding skill set includes internal communications, media relations, SEO, content management systems and publication design.  She’s never satisfied with what she knows and looks for new opportunities to learn and grow as a professional.

  • She is a rising social media pro.

Rebecca does not just participate in social media, she’s learned how to use it as networking tool to develop her evolving professional persona.  She currently manages various Twitter accounts on a daily basis:  #YouToo2010 for the third annual YouToo Social Media Conference; #Akhia_Intern, which documents her internship experience; and accounts for agency clients.

Although she tweets, blogs and uses Facebook and Twitter like other soon-to be-grads, what sets her apart is her ability to use these platforms strategically.

  • Rebecca is an eternal optimist, a must in this economy.

The quality I envy most!

Rebecca is little miss sunshine, no matter the circumstances.  She always expresses a positive attitude toward her work, which is a priceless quality in any employee.  I’ve never heard her say “I can’t.”  Any employer would benefit from her optimistic outlook on a complex project or in a chaotic crisis.

  • She’s a born leader.

If you’re looking for someone who can take direction, delegate, encourage and produce, Rebecca is your girl!  She currently serves as PRSSA Kent’s 2009-10 Vice President of Public Relations and is also the publicity chair for the 2010 YouToo Social Media Conference, a professional development seminar co-hosted by PRSSA Kent and the Akron Area PRSA chapter.  As a member of the 2009 PR Kent Bateman Team, Rebecca created the College:  RockIt! blog used as an important communication tool throughout the campaign.

If you want to find out more about Rebecca’s qualifications, check out her about me page or LinkedIn profile.  Also, feel free to contact her at


East Coast #HAPPO employers: Hire this sassy lady!

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Posted by: Rebecca

As soon-to-be public relations graduates searching for employment after graduation, Shantae and I were thrilled to discover Valerie Simon and Arik Hanson‘s brainchild: #HAPPO.

We’re graduating in difficult economic conditions, but Shantae and I are confident in our abilities, and we’re confident in each other.  As a dynamic co-blogging duo, we decided #HAPPO presented the perfect opportunity to put each other on a pedestal.  (Believe me: Shantae deserves to be on one!)

Here are a few reasons why I think potential employers on the East Coast should hire the “sassy” component of this terrific twosome:

  • She brings a breadth of experience to the table.

Shantae completed two university internships and a corporate internship during her time at Kent State, and she is currently interning in the public relations department at an advertising agency.  Throughout her internships, Shantae gained a breadth of experience in internal communications, media relations, Web content management systems and event planning.  Shantae’s “melting pot” of public relations experience makes her very adaptable, which is essential in this profession.

I don’t know many 22-year-old professionals who can say they created two public relations campaigns for real-world clients before graduating from college, but Shantae can.  The research, strategy, planning and writing involved in these campaigns are invaluable.

  • Shantae knows how to lead, how to listen and how to delegate.

Shantae took on several leadership roles throughout her college years. As Kent State PRSSA’s 2009-2010 vice president of professional relations, Shantae displayed outstanding leadership qualities by planning the chapter’s meetings and coordinating speakers. As a member of the 2009 PR Kent Bateman team, Shantae planned and executed a successful financial aid event. She took on a large leadership role when she wrote PRSSA Kent State’s regional activity bid.  She is currently chairing the student committee for the third annual YouToo Social Media Conference, which will be co-hosted by PRSSA Kent State and the Akron Area PRSA Chapter.

  • She’s quick and witty.

Reason No. 2,294 why I love Shantae: She always has something witty to say!

I think Shantae’s quick, witty personality translates into her professional life, as she integrates her sharp skills into her writing and daily conversation.   She’s an on-your-toes thinker who can adjust to change on a whim.

  • She never gives up.

If you’re looking for an employee who can stick through those time-consuming, difficult projects, Shantae’s the PR pro you need.   If there’s one thing I know about Shantae, it’s that she doesn’t give up.  She’s willing to stick through difficult situations: no matter what the circumstance.

Want to learn more about Shantae’s experience?  View her about me page or LinkedIn profile.  You may also contact her at

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